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Our Passion

Finding a new address for our website, we take the liberty of developing an all new page dedicated to studies of South Asia. Here, we move from our former position of focusing largely on India. The simple reason being, that much of our previous research has been on the country that comprises the largest geographical chunk; with lesser importance to other nations that fit within the construct of South Asia as a region.

As a team, our understanding on South Asia’s political-economy, education, society and development have remained largely within a common framework and yet we have evolved, understanding the region better, and projecting policy recommendations with exactness and accuracy of expression. Over these years our outreach as an organization has expanded from a mere policy analyzing initiative towards a diverse outreach contributing at the grassroots level with some NGOs. This brings us to the projection of expanding collaborative and cooperative effort with more organization in the times to come.

Our journey from foundational paper-works to settling up an office address, and finding experts to put together a common web platform with our sister group (Indo-German Business Network) has caused us to add in quality and strength, skills from all walks of life. As a team we hope to gain more in expertise in order to serve your academic and business purposes better.


Have you fallen in love yet?

Our pool of experts are working on diverse issues of South Asia of which policy recommendations on political economy, regional cooperation, environment and migration have gained momentum. Projects on rural development are underway along with partnership of NGOs. Scholars and research students can be facilitated for these activities. Joining us in our effort to find out more!

Our Partners